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Cell Phone Repairs

We can replace the screen on your iPhone, Galaxy phone, tablet - anything with a display. Can also replace batteries, charging ports, speakers, cameras you name it, we can do it all on your phone as well. 

iPhone 6 and older Apple devices can all be repaired for under $100

​Call or email for the latest pricing.

Everyone who owns a smartphone dreads the moment when you pick up your phone after dropping it and hold your breath hoping the screen is ok. 

Sometimes its not ok, and that's when you call me! Depending on the model repairs can be significantly cheaper than replacement, and you don't need to sign up for another 2 year contract. With today's phones becoming better and better and with less new features on new models, fixing your old phone is a much better value. 

In addition to repairs we are also paying CASH for your broken or old phones and have some phones in inventory for purchase! All of our phones are clean, not stolen, and activation ready! 

Pricing can vary by model and changes monthly, so call or email to get the most accurate information. I answer phone calls at the shop M-F 8-5:30 but i get emails on my own phone 24/7.